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Video of Tiny Cockatiel With No Tail Has People Totally Obsessed

Another adorable cockatiel has entered our lives via TikTok and we truly cannot get enough. Meet Dusty, the cockatiel who was born without a tail. But the no tail life doesn't slow down this birdie at all. You can catch Dusty on his TikTok account @dustythenotailtiel. Well, maybe you won't be able to catch him...he's pretty fast. LOL!

Dusty's owner decided to create a compilation video that showcases the adorable way he moves around the house. The clip has over 4.2 million views and 780.8K likes. Dusty had to come up with something else to move around the house because, without a tail, he cannot fly around safely as other birds can. So instead, he turned to what we humans use, and well, to put it simply, we're obsessed. He's pitter-pattered straight into our hearts! 

Aww, we told you little ole Dusty was a quick one! We never knew how fast birds could be on foot but he's cruising around the house, no problem at all! Clearly not having a tail hasn't slowed him down one bit. 

We wouldn't want to get in his way, he's a busy birdie. As @Idiot_chickens wrote, "Places to go. People to see." LOL! It really looks like Dusty is on a mission every time he trots around. If he wants to go even faster, @mintymary suggested, "Teach him to skateboard." O.M.G. Could you imagine Dusty on one of those tiny skateboard toys you play with your fingers?! We must see that immediately! 

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Another TikTok user, @firemeup8, wrote, "Dusty running is pure serotonin." He truly is! Time to start adding a daily dose of Dusty to our morning routine. A Dusty a day keeps the doctor away! 

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