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Video of Dwarf Cat Reacting to a Fly in the Room Has Everyone Obsessed

Let's be honest, we all hate flies. When we see them flying around our house, we try to keep track of them while we get the fly swatter. We know it can result in some pretty funny faces as the fly buzzes back and forth and we shake our heads to keep up with it's movement. One kitten knows this struggle as well, and he's going viral for it.

TikTok user @frankboi420 recently shared a video of her dwarf cat, Frank, making some hilarious faces as he watches a fly buzz around the room. He is lounging on his mom's lap watching baseball when he get's distracted by the much more entertaining fly. Check out the video to see Frank's reaction to the fly!

LOL, this is so funny. Frank did not want to let that fly out of his sight! The facial structure he has as a dwarf cat makes this even better!

People in the comments couldn't get enough of Frank. @caelanxdane said, "I would die for Frank. Perish. Fight the gods, for Sir Frank," and @leahkelso1 commented, "Frank is the most beautiful creature I have even laid eyes on." @galaxymutt98 added, "I have officially found the cutest cat in the world. The little tongue blep!" We are so blessed to get such an amazing video of Frank.

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Others had various things to say about Frank's appearance. @beadsbyjanae commented, "Frank has the eyes of wisdom and cuteness!" and @kburgers said, "Dwarf cats look so goofy and I'm here for it." Dwarf cats certainly have a special appearance that makes them even more endearing.

Frank's efforts track the fly were much appreciated, and the added bonus of his cute faces was the cherry on top! We hope Frank got plenty of love and treats for his fly tracking services.

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