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Boxer-Pit Bull Mix Found '30 Minutes From Death' Gets His Happy Ending

Last month, a 2-year-old Boxer-Pit Bull mix named Olympus was abandoned outside of Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) in Richmond, Virginia. The temperature on the night Olympus was dumped has been described as "frigid." It's estimated that the pup was only 30 minutes from death's door when he was discovered by a security guard at 9:30 am.

“He was completely emaciated. He was freezing cold,” RACC Director Christie Chipps-Peters reported last month. “His little paws started to turn under, which is what we see when death comes often.” Chipps-Peters also stated that Olympus was undoubtedly a case of neglect, and urged all pet owners to seek help for pets they can't care for.

After weeks of treatment and close medical attention, Olympus rebounded from his frightening condition. The RACC said on their Facebook page that "We honestly can’t believe he was tough there for a bit." 

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There was an outpouring of support for this poor dog, and there were so many people interested in adopting him, as they stated in another Facebook post.

RACC has since announced that the recovered pup has finally found his forever home. Olympus has officially been adopted as of this past weekend.

We wish Olympus a happy life with his newfound family! He certainly deserves all the happiness in the world and days filled with the attention, safety, and love he should've had all along.

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