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Dying Husky's Reaction to Baby Crawling for the First Time Is So Moving

TikTok user @hprealtor is going through such a bittersweet time. On one hand, she's celebrating the joys that come with being a parent, watching her baby reach different milestones. But on the other hand, her 11-year-old Husky is on the tail-end of his life. 

If that didn't already choke you up, there's more to the story. She's not the only one there during her baby's milestones. Her Husky is right there for these moments too, just like a proud parent. Watch the dog's reaction as the baby starts crawling for the first time. You'll be moved to tears! 

Ugh, our hearts can't take this. Such a terrible feeling to know your dog's days are closing in, but we're so glad he's around the baby for important moments like this. "Your fur baby stayed to see these special moments while they can," wrote @RayneDruid. Aww!! Yes, yes, yes, yes to this. What a beautiful way to look at this situation! 

"I think he's proud," said @heyitsmichellemaire. You think!? Oh, we KNOW he's proud! The fact that she captured this moment on camera is seriously so special. This is a memory that she'll have forever. And she'll be able to show her baby one day. Ugh, that just melted us!

Another TikTok user,, commented, "What a beautiful dog. Full circles are a crazy thing." And this truly is a full circle moment. The TikToker's first baby is now watching the new baby grow up. @_geauxgators said it best, "So bittersweet." It is very bittersweet indeed. 


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