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People are Cheering After Man Saves a Drowning Eagle

It's not everyday that you come upon an eagle in the wild. And it's even more rare to find an eagle in need. One man from British Columbia, Canada on TikTok just happened to be walking by when he spotted an eagle was struggling to free itself from some water. And now people in the comments are laughing at the bird's hilarious reaction. 

It's not clear how the bird landed himself in the water, but when Tallon Justin  (@tallonjustin) found it, it was thoroughly soaked. "Give me your hand, give me your hand," Tallon says to the bird in the video. But nope, the eagle wanted to figure its way out of the water by itself. "Come here, let me bring you up," Tallon adds. 

With a little help from the TikToker, the bird was able to lift itself onto the dock and to freedom, but the look on its face is absolutely priceless. We've never seen an animal who looked so angry at being rescued.

With over 9.9 million views, people online were losing it over the bird's reaction. "He's lookin' at you like you like you're the one who pushed him in the water," @empathbae wrote. "Don't you dare tell anyone you saw me like this," @theskinandbone joked, as if reading the eagle's mind. "The anger in its face.. what a thank you," @beyondbeautywithcheryl quipped. "He said now dry me off so I can fly away," @nahasha_ teased. 

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In a second part of the footage, Tallon shared that eventually the eagle managed to dry itself off and take off. 

But still, the bird's lack of emotion had people cracking up. 

"He was unimpressed," @forestmaybe joked. 

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