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Golden Retriever's Elaborate Dog House Has People Wanting to Move In

You know how watching HGTV can give you total house envy? Well we have dog-house envy after watching a video of the absolutely stunning palace that a pair of Golden Retrievers on TikTok live in. The dogs' owner showed off a current remodel she's doing on the pups' huge home — and yep, we're definitely feeling totally jelly. 

The TikTok creator, @chipgirlhere, has been sharing updates on her Goldens' doghouse all year long. But the most recent upgrades need to be seen to be believed. The video starts off with Chip Girl following one of her pup's back to his house. "What's happening to your house?" she asks him in the footage. There's definitely some sort of bulldozer nearby which means the house is under construction. 

"Are you getting a new patio?" the TikTok creator says. "For your furniture? Or your pool?" The mom then showed off a little bit of the upstairs of the house (yes, we really said upstairs). "We'll check back in on the remodel in a few days," she said. "It'll look really nice!" she added. 

People in the comments section totally wanted to live in this doghouse. "Can I live here?" @kayleestandard6 wondered. "He need a roommate?" @keeeennnnzzzz teased. "I’ll rent for $500 a month with free walks," @vaughnvee added. "That dog lives better than me," @rezpanda23 chimed in. 

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While other people were just impressed by the fancy digs. "This dog has a full on mansion and I can barely afford the U-Haul box I live in," @cervantesz71 joked. "This dog is remodeling his house, I can’t even buy one," @au99i3 kidded. "Guess I need to apologize to my dog for being broke," @redwoodoutlaw quipped. 

Of course, your dog doesn't need a super fancy house to know that you love them, but who wouldn't give their dog the best of the best if they could?

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