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Elaborate Dog House That Even Has Its Own Patio Is Blowing People's Minds

It seems like dogs these days are living the life. Long gone are the days of the Snoopy-like dog house in the backyard. Now, dogs live in spaces that are practically mansions. Take the absolute doggie haven built by one TikTok creator, which went viral recently for just how incredibly luxe it is.

A tour of the dog paradise can be seen in a video from @chipgirlhere, or Chip Girl as she goes by online, putting one of her Golden Retrievers to sleep. “It’s time for bed!” she says in the footage, before being led to the two-story dog house by her dog. Once inside, Chip Girl offers her dog a treat before he leads her upstairs and onto a mattress on the floor. “He’s so ready,” she says. The dog mom then tucks her good boy in and gives him a stuffed animal, before turning the light off and sending off to get some zzz's. “See you in the morning!” she calls. While the video is cute, we'd be lying if we weren't scouring the dog house to catch a glimpse of all the incredible amenities. Just wait until you see this thing.

The comments section was astonished to say the least. “How can I live in this dog house? It's so nice,” @emmawarnick wondered. “This dog really is living better than me,” @kty_1231 agreed. “Why is your dog house bigger than the house I pay a mortgage for??? The hell is going on here?!?!” another user added.

Other commenters were surprised that Chip Girl was willing to sleep without her dogs by her side. “I’m way too co-dependent on my dogs, and if they’re not sleeping in the room let alone in bed with me, I might cry,” @sarah_annmarie admitted. “My dog cannot go anywhere without me; it has separation anxiety,” @material_girl074 shared. “IDK how you don’t want your dogs to sleep with you or at least in the house with you,” @hannahxoxo1223 agreed.

Although, let’s be honest. Who could blame her dogs for wanting a little space? We’d be psyched for bedtime too if our house had a whole freakin’ slide like this one. Sigh, consider us completely jealous.