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Reporter in Kenya Getting Interrupted By Elephants Is Just the Cutest

On-air reporters are so skilled that they can keep their composure no matter what might be going on in the background. We know we definitely can’t do it. That’s why we stay writing. LOL! But sometimes, they can’t always be perfect.

The official TikTok account of CBS, @cbsnews, shared a clip of a reporter in Kenya who was doing his take in front of elephants. Side note, how cool is that!? He was doing a great report, but then all of a sudden, one very curious baby elephant decided to chime in.

LMAO! We thought this reporter was going to get through the entire segment, but then at the very last second, the baby elephant came in out of nowhere. We definitely would break the straight face if we were in this reporter’s shoes.

“I was like, ‘Dang, he’s good. How come he won’t break?’ And there it is,” commented @officiallymichelleag. HA! We didn’t know when it was coming and we can’t even imagine how this reporter was feeling when it happened. He has the best reaction though! “Alright, where do I sign up to give news reports with elephants,” asked @humanspecimen___. 

“Baby elephant says, ‘Shhhhh,’” wrote @pkthorne. The elephant wanted him to stop talking so they could play. LOL! So cute! Sounds just like a puppy to us. @away2shambala said, “What he’s speaking of is heartbreaking, but the baby and his laugh made me the happiest I’ve been in months!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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