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Elephant Spots a Fellow Animal Drowning and Immediately Alerts Humans for Help

What would we do without animals? They always surprise us with their kind gestures and sweetness. Maybe humanity could learn a lesson or two from them on how to treat others. Take for instance this elephant at a zoo in Guatemala that helped out an antelope in need.   

In a TikTok video posted by @yahooaustralia, an elephant saw an antelope drowning. When all the other antelopes looked like they were running away, this elephant decided to stay. But he needed some help to get this poor animal out of the water, as he was unsure how to do it himself. Watch what the gentle giant does to help his friend in need.

Isn’t it amazing how this elephant alerted staff members that there was something wrong? He even stayed there the whole time to see if he could do anything. The zoo worker wasted no time at all and jumped in to help the poor antelope out. Did you see the elephant using his trunk to try and pull the antelope out?! Absolutely incredible! 

"The elephant was even trying to grab it. Humankind could learn something," wrote @Betty from HR. Retweet! This elephant was so selfless and really wanted to help. @Cap added, "Elephants are one of the few animals that will help others even when it doesn't benefit them or their herd :')

@Rachel said, “Elephant lifeguards ✅️.” Aww. What a perfect title. The video indicates that the zoo rewarded the elephant and the caretaker for the successful rescue, which was highly deserved. Good work team!