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Video of Rescued Elephant’s First Steps Out of the Barn Has People So Moved

There are some firsts that you never want to forget. And we're sure that video of a rescue elephant carefully backing her way out of her enclosure for the first time will stick with you forever. This precious moment was luckily caught on camera, and now hundreds of thousands of people online are tearing up. 

Workers in the Global Sanctuary for Elephants in Brazil (@globalelephants) had been waiting for 22-year-old Guillermina to leave her enclosure (known as the barn) for weeks. Guillermina (or Guille as she's affectionately known) was rescued from a zoo a few weeks ago, along with her mother Pocha. But while Pocha was quick to embrace their new freedom, Guille was a little more reluctant to leave the safety of the barn. That is until recently, when she finally made her big exit. "Guille has taken her first steps out," the sanctuary wrote in the video's onscreen text. Can you say instant tears?

The comments section was an absolute mess after seeing Guille’s major milestone. “It’s all about the baby steps. So proud of her!!” another user wrote. “Poor things… my heart cries for all animals held in captivity,” @candicem36 added. “Way to go!! Was I the only one holding my breath for her??!!” @lioness7270 wondered. “Oh baby!!!! You’re getting there. Well done!!!!! So, so brave,” @moneydisciple praised. 

Several commenters wondered why Guille walked backwards out of the barn. But a representative from the sanctuary assured them that there was no specific reason why she did that. "Just random," they wrote. 

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Although we can definitely tell she was just being cautious. "Her first step reminds me me of a kid dipping her toe in a pool," @globalelephants commented. Too sweet!

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