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Elk Wandering Around Cannon Beach, Oregon Is a Sight to See

When you think of the beach, what animals pop up in your head? We'd guess seagulls, jellyfish, and maybe some sand crabs. But turns out that in the Pacific Northwest, there are a few other wild animals you need to be on the lookout for. 

TikTok user @that_coast_life was driving through Cannon Beach, a coastal town in Oregon filled with shops and restaurants. But the car had to drive very slowly because of these animals roaming the streets. Trust us, it's not something you'd expect at the beach! 

O.M.G. Elk?! Never in our wildest dreams would we think elk would be wandering around a beach town, but hey, the PNW is a different universe. And honestly, we wouldn't mind seeing this! It would be such a cool experience. @Jimbojaimebojangles wrote, "I've never been to Cannon Beach in the fall, I guess now is the time to change that." SAME! We'll make a note to only go in the fall to hopefully see this. 

"We have a whole herd that just chills in my field feasting on all my apples and pears," said @LaFrance0991. What?! That's seriously so cool. We'd watch them all day every day. And they better restock the apples and pears for these elk. LOL!

Another TikTok user, @brimccoy, informed us, "This is a thing! I read something about a study somewhere and they found that herds do this during hunting season because they know it’s safe." Wow! We never knew this, but it makes sense. Animals are seriously so smart! And by the looks of this video, they did some good shopping in the town. LOL!


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