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Video of Emaciated Shelter Dog Receiving Love for the First Time Is So Beautiful

Watching a dog blossom into their best self is always a rewarding experience, but it's even more meaningful when that dog is finding their way out of a difficult time, just like Skylar the pit bull. The poor girl was emaciated and afraid by the time she got to her foster mama's home, but love and lots of yummy food have her on her way to recovery. It's only up from here!

Although she's in loving hands thanks to @voice4lancasterscanimals, lots of TikTok users are in their feels for the precious girl. Clearly, she is adored already!

Oh, Skylar! Our hearts broke a little when we first saw how malnourished she is, but her happy tail wags leave us full of hope. She's already exploring her home and giving her foster mama kisses! "Thank you for saving her," said @starz42069. "Look how happy she is even after be terribly mistreated." Now that's unconditional love for you. Skylar knows who's there to help her!

Viewer @nr1933 said it best when they wrote, "Skylar.. the best is yet to come. You are so loved." Yes and yes! From the kitchen she sniffs around to the kisses she gets, it's clear she's going to thrive. It's just a matter of time. After all, any rescue dog will need time to adjust to even the smallest things--and that's A-OK! 

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