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Video of Girl Walking 'Emotional Support Alligator' in Philadelphia Is Quite the Sight

It was just another Friday afternoon at a park in Philadelphia. People were out enjoying the summer weekend, walking through the park and kids splashing away the afternoon in the water fountain. Nothing out of the blue here, that is until everyone did a double take when an unexpected animal walked through.

Parkgoers couldn't believe what they saw. We wouldn't believe it either! They all saw a little girl was walking an emotional support animal on a leash. So what? You're probably thinking. But trust us, it's an emotional support animal that we've never seen before or even heard of! The animal brought in lots of attention and he met plenty of new friends. Would you be brave enough to meet this emotional support animal? 

We...we don't even have words for this. This is something we've never seen before! We've watched the clip a million times already so we can't even imagine how people at the park reacted. Probably exactly like what @Estrella Del sol wrote in the comments, "What in the world?" LOL! 

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Wally the alligator was adopted in 2016 by a reptile enthusiast. The New York Post reported that his owner previously said Wally brought him out of deep depression and has since been his emotional support animal. He also claims that gators are easier to train than dogs. What?!

Interested in seeing more of Wally the emotional support gator? Don't worry, he has his own TikTok account, @wallythealligator. Check him out and see his entire Philly adventure!

"The expressions of the people's faces PRICELESS," said @Allison Barbieri946. Shock and amazement. We'd react the same too!

Ok, we decided that we would absolutely say hello to Wally! And it sounds like other TikTokers would too. @Westjune Coast wrote, "I'm not far from Philly now I got an excuse to go to Philly ❤️." Guess that's where our next vacation is! 

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