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Video of People Cuddling 'Emotional Support Alligator' Gives Us All the Feels

Emotional Support Animals (or ESAs) can provide tremendous purpose and joy to someone who needs that extra push every day. Of course, the same can be said for any pet, but an official letter from a mental health professional will allow this pet to live wherever you do--even if there's a 'no pet' policy in place! According to Mental Health America, ESA papers will also allow you to skip any pet fees that your residence may normally require.

Even though most Emotional Support Animals are dogs and cats, any animal, like this alligator, can qualify. That's right, @wallythealligator is an 'Emotional Support Alligator' who helps his humans spread love wherever he goes.

Hard to believe your eyes, right? Wally is one calm alligator! 

Just like most of the commenters, we're equally in awe and in fear of this big boy. We just can't look away! Viewer @biffyj agreed, writing, "I am both moved to tears and frozen in fear." You said it! Even though we're super envious of everyone who got to hold Wally at the Expo Center, we'd still be nervous to try it ourselves. Still, we'd totally meet this guy--he's one of a kind!

"He isn’t an alligator," wrote @mama_turtle62. "He is a Snugglesaurus." We love it! He certainly doesn't seem to mind all the cuddles from strangers, which is pretty mindblowing. This definitely isn't a species that's known for its affection!

@Userdiamondgirl2020 knows exactly what we're talking about. She joked, "TSA: 'I’m sorry ma’am, you have an Emotional Support what?'" LMAO! As funny as it sounds, we're sure that's a reaction they get all the time. 

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