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English Bulldog's Indifference to Putting on His 'Backpack' Is Simply Irresistible

Harry the English Bulldog might not be the biggest fan of his backpack, but his hilarious indifference is melting hearts regardless. That's what happens when you're cute! He didn't exactly make the job easy for his mama, either, but @englishharry just can't be bothered with such silly things.

His followers, on the other hand, are loving his sleepy attitude. Even his mom's narration is hilarious AF; it really is a can't-miss video!

Oh, Harry! It's definitely difficult getting ready in the morning, especially when you're not a morning person. Commenter @hellohaileybrogan joked, "Harry needs a coffee," and we totally see why! He's practically falling asleep sitting up, even as his mom lifts his arms!

"As a bully mom, being a helper is essentially not fighting it," agreed @madisonbker. LMAO! We can't argue there, especially when our own pups are the very same way. At least that adorable (and useful) backpack is worth the challenge!

So many pet parents could relate to this struggle, too. "Omg the dread when I put it on backwards and have to re-do it," @ddsavssd wrote. It's the absolute worst! Dogs with restless energy can barely sit still for the first attempt at putting on the harness, let alone the second. Luckily, this isn't an issue for Harry's mom! All in all, we suppose he doesn't make things that difficult.

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