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Bulldog Who Loves Getting Attention From Local Boarding School Girls Is a True Stud

Every now and again, you'll meet someone who has a special kind of charm, a certain je ne sais quois that makes them practically irresistible. This English Bulldog named Harry is exactly like that! He loves getting attention from his friends and loved ones, but now he has TikTok fans to love on him, too. 

His account, @englishharry, has 50 thousand doting followers, though we have a feeling that number will be going up after this video keeps going around. It's the perfect example of what happens when he turns on the charm! 

Who could resist that handsome, squishy face? Certainly not these girls, and not us, either. His mama seems to be loving the attention he's getting, too! Clearly, he's got us all wrapped around his little paw.

"The Bulldog’s true weapon is that they are charmers," wrote commenter @mightymightybulldog. You've got a point there! Even this breed's looks alone are enough to melt our hearts, but they've almost always got a personality that's just as cute and lovable.

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Viewer @user4655095857563 had another great thought. They said, "I’m sure it means a lot to the girls also to pet a sweet dog," and we think they're totally right. Whether Harry reminds them of their own dogs at home or just makes them smile while they're away at school, his job in this arrangement is just as important as theirs--though it's hard to top Harry sitting there with "His eyes closed getting all the attention 🥰." You said it, @big_mugsy!

"Oh to be a girl running in a field with my friends getting visited by a little bulldog," @filmsis wrote. It's like a movie scene! We could watch the flirtatious pup meet the adoring girls over and over again! 

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