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English Bulldog Who Loves Wearing His Bowtie Is the Picture of a True Gentleman

We love receiving gifts from our friends. It is a sign of thoughtfulness and love, and we treasure these gifts deeply. One pup feels this way about a gift from one of his doggy friends, and he makes sure everyone knows about it.

TikTok user @englishharry recently shared a video of their English Bulldog, Harry, rocking a bowtie. In the video, it is said that the bowtie was a gift from his friend, Malcom, and Harry loves wearing it. Check out the video to see how distinguished Harry looks as he proudly wears this mark of friendship!

Awww, Harry looks like such a gentleman in his bowtie! It's amazing that Harry loves wearing this bowtie, and we imagine Malcom must be very proud of his gift-giving skills. Rock that bowtie, Harry!

People in the comments couldn't believe how good Harry looked in his bowtie. @meatballs_mommy  said, "He’s so handsome," and @babycakes8608 commented, "He looks so distinguished. Handsome boy!" Harry was already the best looking pup around, but this bowtie takes him to another level!

Others imaged Harry was going to a very important event, which is only fitting for the best looking gentleman in town. @airmb1 commented, "He’s adorable. Where’s he going? An official engagement no doubt." Another user, @gwiz40 said, "Looking quite dapper, Harry. Hope you have an amazing day!" Harry likely had some very important business to attend to, but we are sure he handed it with the utmost grace!

Harry is a lovely friend to wear this gift from Malcom so proudly, and we know that he feels like a very sharp dressed man with it. All the lady pups must be into Harry with this accessory to complement his natural beauty!

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