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English Bulldog's Pitiful Reaction to Missing His Mom Captures Our Hearts

Dogs hate to be apart from their parents, even if it's just for a few minutes. We know of plenty of dogs that follow their parents underfoot so they're never alone. One dog lost track of where his mom was in the house, and he had the most woeful reaction.

TikTok user @juniorandbronson_bulldog recently shared a video of one of her English Bulldogs, Junior, who realized he was missing his mom. In the video, Junior treks up the stairs of their house in search of his mom, and when he spots her, he has the cutest reaction. Check out the video to see what Junior did when he found Mom!

OMG, Junior was so sad without his mom, we can't help but pity him! Luckily, he tracked her down upstairs, and his relieved reaction when he spotted her is too good. Junior is going to need to keep a closer eye on Mom in the future!

This dog clearly has a lot of love for his mom, and other videos on their account support this. In another video, Junior and his brother get in trouble for... loving their mom too much? Check out the video below to see what they did!

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LOL, this is too funny. Junior and his brother are figuratively "in the dog house" because they tackled their mom when the fire alarm went off! In their defense, it was an attempt to save her, but it didn't turn out to be very effective. This tackle clearly came from a place of love, though, and we are obsessed with the protective nature of these pups.

We think Junior should put a tracking device on his mom from now on so he doesn't lose her again. This would prevent the need to wander around the house in distress looking for her and hopefully limit future tackling instances!

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