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English Bulldog's Precious Reaction to Seeing Grandma Couldn't Be Any Better

There's nothing quite like having grandma come over for a playdate because well, grandmas always bring over new toys, snacks or treats. They spoil the heck out of their grandchildren. The same goes for grandpuppos too! 

That's why it's no wonder TikTok doggo @porterboy18 was more than ready for his grandma to come over. In this clip, Porter the English Bulldog was waiting outside on the porch. He must've heard a certain car pull up because all of sudden he started shaking with excitement. You'll instantly fall in love with his happy dance for grandma! 

Stop it! We can't handle all this cuteness! He's the happiest boy we've ever seen. He wasn't going to stop shaking until grandma's undivided attention was on him. Understandable because grandma's love is the best kind of love. 

@BettyJaneO said, "OMG!!!!!! It is grandma!!!!! Grandma loves her beautiful boy!!!!! 😘😘😘🐶." Well come on, who wouldn't love Porter?! Another TikToker, @kimmessenheimer, commented, "I used to feel that way when I saw my grandma coming over too." LOL! Safe to say almost all of us did this at one point with our grandparents! 

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TikTok users, and us, are absolutely obsessing over how you can tell Porter is excited just by his body language. "Little tiny body convulsions... it's so sweet 🐾🐾💕," wrote @Kimberly Ryan. Have you ever seen a dog do this before?! @username192016_ added, "His whole body shaking with excitement." He was seriously shaking it from his head to his tail! "Love the wiggle walk," said @Michelle Farfagli788. Us too! It's too cute to resist! We hope Porter and grandma had a wonderful playdate together! 


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