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Video of English Bulldog Caught Sleeping Where He's Not Supposed to is Absolutely Adorable

If there's one thing you can count on, it's that your dog is gonna find the most interesting place in your house to take a nap. Sure, sometimes they might end up sleeping in their dog bed (or maybe even your bed if you allow it). But there are many other times when a random chair or hidden nook will do. Consider the hilarious place where one woman found her English Bulldog napping. Tsk tsk tsk. 

The woman, who goes by @kturner1978 on TikTok, must've been cracking up when she found her pooch Milo sleeping in the unusual place. The footage shows @kturner1978, just as she's about to turn the corner and walk into the living room where Milo was sleeping. "Wait for it..." she wrote in the video's onscreen caption. Sure enough, Milo was having the craziest nap. 

It's almost like a game. Spot the thing that doesn't belong. 

With over 14 million views, Milo's mama seemed to really be on to something here with her video. "He wanted to blend in look pretty and be part of the decoration lmao. the Lil startle at the end," @irenesweetness wrote. "But he is affixed so PERFECTLY.... almost like he belongs there," @denali3721 joked. "You scared him! You apologize to that little bread loaf lamp right now," @autumlovatic95 demanded. "Cus sleeping on a table is far superior to a soft sofa! Lol," @misstpull teased. 

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Later on the mom's page, she shared a second video of Milo sleeping. Although this time it was just a tad more normal (i.e. he was sleeping on the couch). 

Just a day in the life of a English Bulldog, huh?

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