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Video of English Bulldogs' ‘Lazy Fight’ Is Too Cute to Miss

Your pets can't always get along with each other. But when they do fight, it can actually be pretty hysterical. Just take two English Bulldogs on TikTok, who went viral for beef they had with each other over a ball. But don't worry, things didn't get too heated. In fact, some people are calling the argument downright lazy. 

We've all been there. Your sibling is driving you crazy and won't share their toy with you. But when it happens to dogs things get a little more ruff (get it?). The two dog brothers, Doug and Gus, can be seen all over their mom Annie Bergeron's TikTok page (@dougandgusthebulldogs). But this footage of them is probably not what you're expecting. Instead of, ya' know, actually fighting each other, the two have a unique way of letting each other know they're ticked. 

"Who will be the champion this round?" Bergeron joked in the video's onscreen text. 

The comments section was obsessed with the boys' "face-to-face combat." "The way they had to take a deeper breath annnnd continue," @tjanel600 quipped. "He licked his lips then continues on...OMG," @annajurado563 wrote, before adding the crying-laughing emoji. "Thats the closest eye-to-eye combat I've ever seen.. lol," @wearewon2022 joked. "Bulldogs are seriously soooooo extra and I love it," @jjthepa commented.

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While other people were obsessed with their little puppy noises. "When will the lawnmower start," @wendystevens39 quipped. "They sound like Velociraptors! You should use this sound with some cool dinosaur clip!" @theroseandbustershow advised. "Sounds like engines turning over," @christieangel7 teased.

Sadly for Doug, it looks like Gus won this round. But don't worry, there's always time for a rematch!

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