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Video of English Mastiff Following a Tiny Kitten Is Total Cuteness Overload

You never know when you're going to make a new friend. Even if the friendship seems a little unlikely. In a new video on TikTok, it's the relationship between an English Mastiff and a new baby kitten from Indiana that has people talking. Sure, they might not seem like fast friends, but looks are definitely deceiving. 

Video of the two animals was later shared on the @cindy_b933 TikTok page and has received a ton of attention online. The footage shows Sarge and one of his favorite buddies on the farm — a kitten. "Sarge loves kittens," the text overlay reads. He's so gentle with the little cat. She doesn't even seem to mind that there's a huge dog behind her!

With over 300,000 views, the internet seems to have fallen in love with Sarge and his new BFF. "Awwwww so cute," @aj_eb wrote. "That is the most adorable thing!!!!" @earleville exclaimed. "Awww so precious. Bull Mastiff are such an amazing breed!" @baghdadtobarnyard chimed in. "That baby will forever be protected," @meggy1969meg added. 

Thank goodness there's a follow up video of Sarge and his new pal having some real quality time. "Having some kitten cuddles after his bath," the text overlay reads. 

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"Sarge loves the baby," the text continues, before Sarge looks away from the camera. "He's embarrassed," his owner joked. 

Bit there's nothing to be embarrassed about Sarge. You love who you love!

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