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Village in England Where Ponies Roam Freely Is Like Something Out of a Dream

What comes to your mind when you start dreaming of a magical place? Is it a place you've been before like home or a made-up destination that has all of your favorite things in one? Are your friends and family there? Maybe you're dreaming like us. A place where we and animals can coexist. A place where animals roam around town freely. A town filled with stone buildings but also open spaces for the animals to graze. Believe it or not, the place we're dreaming of actually exists. It's called Belstone, England.

TikTok user @sarahkhagan has shared with the world Belstone, a place that truly fulfills everything we've dreamed of. This English village is so picturesque with stonewall cottages, tiny streets and greenery around the town. The best part about this village is that there are wild ponies actually roaming around, free as can be. You'll have to pinch yourself to know this place is real! 

Wow! Have you ever seen anything like this before?! The things we'd do to live in this town. These ponies have been known to roam free for over 3,500 years! And it's not unusual. TikTokers from England are even commenting saying there are other towns like this in England with wild ponies. They're making it sound even more convincing to head to England! 

Other TikTok users who aren't used to this are in the same boat as we are - go to England ASAP! @funtimes677 wrote, "Not me packing my bags and booking a one-way ticket to England😅." YES! We'll meet you there! @Hails Nelson added, "I’ve decided this is exactly where I wanna move to." We hope there are enough housing options because all of us are going to move there! 

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Ok, so maybe we all won't move, but at least it's a spot we'll all be visiting. As @user3409986829628 said, "New bucket list destination." And this place is going to the top of the list! "Looks like heaven" commented @Daniel Knudsen. Honestly, this looks better than heaven! 

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