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Video Revealing Odd Facts About the Hierarchy of Cats Has People in Awe

By now, we should all know cats think they are the supreme rulers. LOL. Time and time again we see videos of them laying down the law or putting one of their siblings in their place. But no matter what they do, we still love them and their sneaky ways! So have you ever wondered why they think they can rule the house? Turn to TikTok user @gatofather for the answer. 

The last time @gatofather posted about the hierarchy of cats, the video had over 11 million views. The clip has resurfaced, and the explanation makes total sense on why cats are king. Believe it or not, where a cat sits determines his or her hierarchy in the house. See how they rank and let us know if your cat thinks your house is their kingdom! 

Ahh yes, this explains so much! The higher up they are, the more powerful they are. Now, how many of you are now realizing your cat is the king of the castle? LOL. 

"Imma ask what bills they pay to be sleeping above my bed 😂," commented @Dirty Redd. And we'll bet they'll swat you away in two seconds! They rule the house, not pay for it, duh! "Wait, you guys aren’t paying your cat rent? 😳," joked @Pineapple Sanchez. Uh oh! Some cats have been short-changed. Time to charge interest in the form of treats. @Skeptical.Cat added, "Homeowner does have meow in it." That is an excellent point! And so basically we should have never been surprised by this fact? 

@Jairitza García said, "She's not wrong, this is her house and I’m allowed to live here ✨." We don't know if every cat owner is that lucky! Just be sure not to get on your cat's bad side, or they might kick you out!