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Gorgeous Couple Includes Cat in Fall Photos and the Pics Are Perfect

Sometimes you just see a couple who is so attractive and you can't help but feel a bit jealous. Well, add an equally attractive cat to this mix and you can't help but want to either cry or else copy this whole idea. Tiktok user @Blachaz3 had an amazing photoshoot with her partner and her gorgeous cat and these pics are everything. 

Just watch this video and see how fire these turned out! 

Ahhhhh-maaaaaa-zing. @A posts, "I don't even have a cat and I want to do this." LOL! @Philly posts, "The cat is dripped down too! I love this!" @Queencoop comments, "Oh y'all served us a full meal today! These are beautiful photos." They truly are. We need to see some winter photos now! @Byrdsnest adds, "Cats just naturally give off royalty, these pictures are beautiful." 

They really are stunning. Now forgive us for being jealous, but some of us could never look as good as this couple does and some of our cats would either run away or refuse to leave the cat carrier! Maybe we just need to find a photographer who can photoshop our flaws or add our cats in during post-production. That's probably the only ways our photos could come out as perfect as this beautiful family!

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