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Family's Story of Adopting an 18-Year-Old Cat Is Beautiful Yet Heartbreaking

For some, the idea of adopting a senior pet can seem challenging and sad, but this couldn't be further from the truth. You're likely to face an obstacle or two with your new buddy no matter how old they are--that's just the reality of rescuing an animal--but you're also just as likely to be showered in love and affection. Senior pets are just as sweet, silly, and sassy! 

TikTok user @amandamarie928 learned this very same lesson when her family brought home Binx, an 18-year-old rescue cat. The gorgeous black kitty made herself part of the family in no time, but the road it took her to get there wasn't the kindest. 

Welcome home, Binx! She's such a precious girl, and we wish her many years of happiness with her furever family. She finally has a home worthy of her love! 

"I can’t imagine giving up a baby that you’ve had for their entire life because of a remodeled kitchen," agreed commenter @hootiewhoooo. "May both sides of the pillow always be warm 😡." You said it! An animal is meant to be loved for the entirety of their lives, not only when it's convenient. Binx's new family understands this--they lost a fur baby of their own at the age of 17--so we know she's going to be spoiled from here on out. 

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"SENIOR PETS ARE AMAZING NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED AND SO VERY GRATEFUL 🥰🥰🥰," @caroleyoung70 wrote. It's so true--you won't need to worry about things like potty training or kitten vaccinations. Instead, you can focus on loving your new bestie, just like Binx and her new family!

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