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Video of Family Finding 'Bambi' in the Garage Is Touching Hearts

One family found an unusual surprise in their garage, and we can’t help but be a little jealous because of the cuteness! TikTok user @lydd_noel said in a new video that her dad texted her to go to grandma’s house. When she got there, he was explaining to her to go to the garage and take a look. You’ll be on the edge of your seats as the video continues! 

She films herself walking very slowly towards the garage. She didn't want to go into the garage too fast and scare whatever it is. As she turns the corner, she reveals the cutest little deer all curled up. He looked like a little Bambi! You'll want to get your popcorn to hear the rest of this Bambi tale! (Don't worry it's not like the movie. There's a happy ending!) 

Aww! We don’t know what we were expecting when watching the video, but this was so much better! It looked like the little baby was staying warm in the garage and resting. “He’s just takin a little nappy nap :-),” said @dreamsperpective. The cutest napper we ever did see! 

Turns out the workers left the door open, and many TikTok users are coming to the conclusion that this baby’s mom left him there while she went out for food. @Brooke Collard commented, “The tips of the ears still look straight, so momma might be close! When the ears are curled that means they may be dehydrated and abandoned.” Oh wow, we didn’t know that! That’s a great tip to keep in the back of your mind if you find a deer and you aren’t sure if you should take care of it. 

Another commenter, @katie

The baby was picked up by the mother and moved to a new location. The mom must’ve been out to get more food again. We’re so glad this family knew to not touch the Bambi. And now, this Bambi has a happy ending! In the most recent update, the creator said she searched the property for the little guy but couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s a sign mom came back and they’re off to their next location!  

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing all the right things! You treated this experience with respect and interest," wrote @Idiot_chickens. Perfectly said!