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Little Boy’s Reaction to Being Surprised With His Dream Puppy Brings Us to Tears

Has there ever been a kid that didn’t ask for a pet growing up? Because it seems like every child begs their parents at least once in their life to get a puppy or kitty for the family. It’s pretty much every kid’s dream, right?

For the past two years, TikTok user @ourlayeredhome‘s son has been asking for a puppy. Two years?! Man, that’s dedication! He never gave up. And not just any puppy. He wanted a “sausage dog named Angus,” the clip reads. Brilliant name! The nonstop asking paid off because he came home to the best surprise, and his reaction will melt you from the inside out. 

Our tears won’t stop! This is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. And clearly, it is for the rest of TikTok, too. The clip has over 7.6 million views and 1.2 million likes in just 2 days. The little boy was speechless at first! He started jumping up and down, screaming with excitement. But that didn’t last long because he quickly ran over to meet his new best friend. 

"'We finally got Angus,' got me straight in the feels!" said @helen..m..r. Us too! That's the exact moment tears started to roll down our faces. @florallymarked added, "Crying at them playing and running! He has a new best friend!" Ugh, so cute! They were best friends at first sight. And in no time at all, they were running around the house with each other! "Oh, bottle that joy up and hand that stuff out. Sweet boy," wrote @Felicity. We're about to save this and go back to it daily for a pick-me-up! 

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Now, get ready for more tears to flow with this update! 

Aww! He’s so gentle with the puppy! The love between them is just radiating. “True love from both of them!!❤️,” said another commenter. The mom wrote back, “They adore each other - for playing and for snuggles!” There’s no doubt in our minds that these two will be inseparable! 

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