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Story of Kind Family Rescuing Baby Moose That Lost His Mom Has Us in Tears

We've heard of families rescuing baby animals off the side of the road plenty of times before. And believe us, those stories never get old! We love hearing every single one. It makes our hearts so full and we can't help but shed a tear. But one recent rescue animal story has us crying a little extra today, and it comes to us from Norway.

TikTok user @vestengan recently shared a story on her account about the amazing rescue of one uncommon animal. Her clip has over 8.7 million views. In the video, a poor baby moose was walking around, crying for its mom. As it turns out, this baby moose had lost her just two days prior. The creator and her family welcomed this abandoned baby into their farm. Watching him adjust to his new life is as beautiful as it gets. 

Is this not one of the most precious things you’ve ever seen? We teared up at how scared the baby moose looked, but as he snuggled up to the creator, we knew he was safe and sound. In a more recent clip, the creator explained that the moose, who they named Helge, was born on a cliff by the sea. They believed his twin drowned and the mother disappeared. Ugh, our heart aches even more! “We were asked by the wildlife service if we could help him. Now he’s living here with his and all the other animals here in our park.” Absolutely amazing! 

"He didn't lose his mama, he just found her in a different form," wrote @Xim.Teqzu. Aww, stop it! This comment is going to make us cry all over again! “Ohhh my heart listening to his little cries 😭 💔 Thank you for saving him. I can’t wait to see him grow big and strong in your care 😘,” said @sarahmcdougall21.

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Based on the update videos, Helge is already getting much stronger! 

Helge looks like he’s doing just fine! The creator said, “Hs appetite is raising and his spark is starting to return ❤️.” Aww! We can’t wait to continue to follow his journey.

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