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Story of Family Rescuing and Raising Baby Raccoon Is Touching People's Hearts

People who step in and save an animal in desperate need are the best people. Even more so when they take them home and make sure they get the proper help. Just like on video that's gone viral on TikTok recently, which shows how one man saved a baby raccoon they later named Piper. Thankfully, they shared the whole amazing journey online and now people in the comments section are really cheering. 

Little Piper has become a big smash on TikTok, with almost 90,000 followers on her page. But people definitely wanted to know the story of how she came into her owner's care. According to a video on her page @pipertheraccoon, Piper's owners received a call they "never expected" on May 7, 2022. "Piper's uncle found her after cutting down a tree," the video's text overlay states. "Piper's siblings were immediately, Piper was found hours later. Sadly, their mama didn't make it," it continues. The couple worked hard to care for Piper and get her to eat. But you'll have to see the video for yourself if their efforts worked.

People in the comments section praised Piper's owners for taking her in. "OMG. She is absolutely adorable!" @shelcupcake wrote. "I have rescued babies also. They are a joy," @michelebrooks47 added. "You are angels for helping them. Keep us informed on her journey of life," @hvacwoman18 gushed. "Thank you for the great gift you have given her," @strobeme added. 

Piper now seems happy and healthy. Which goes to prove that love and care can really be the best medicine

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