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Family Kindly Takes in 2 Extra Cats After Their Friend Passes and People Are So Touched

As pet owners, we all fear for what would happen to our pets if we were to pass away before them. The last thing we want is for our fur babies to end up in a shelter while having to deal with the loss of their parent. One family made sure their friend's cats would not have to go through that experience.

TikTok user, formerly known as 'Those Five Cats' expanded their family when they took in their friend's two cats, Callie and Oreo, after she passed away unexpectedly. Their friend's father called them to see if they would take the cats because he would be putting them in the shelter otherwise, and this lovely family couldn't bear to let this happen. Check out the video to see how well Callie and Oreo are doing with their new family.

Aww, those kitties look like they're fitting in well with their new family. It is so touching that this family took on the responsibility two more cats in honor of their friend.

People in the comments are amazed by the kindness of this family and sending their condolences for the loss of their friend. @veronicamarshall_arts said, "My condolences, you are so kind to do that! They look so happy even after what happened," and @pinkkitten54 commented, "How sweet you are to rescue those babies. Welcome kitties." Taking in their friend's cats is the perfect way to honor their friend's memory

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Others are sharing their own fears that their pets might not get as lucky as Callie and Oreo if they were to pass. @jmkdv commented, "So glad they’re safe with you. I always worried about what would happen to my cats if I left earth. They were my reason for staying so many times." Another user, @iloandstitch, said, "Bless you guys. I've told my friends to make an emergency contact card for pets... I told them I will never let their pets go to a shelter." Every person hopes their friends and families will come together to keep their pets safe in the event we are no longer there to care for our fur babies.

We hope this family heals from the loss of their friend, and we hope the humans and the cats are able to find solace and comfort in each other.

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