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Video of Rescued Farm Animals Reacting to Their Names Is So Full of Joy

Getting to name your pet is always exciting. And what’s even better is the first time you get to try it out. It’s so sweet! That is, unless you're an animal sanctuary that is having a little trouble with this whole animal name thing. The problem is that no one online seems to believe that their animals know their own names (how rude!), so the facility took it upon themselves to prove once and for all that this simply wasn’t true.

The Gentle Barn (@thegentlebarn), an animal farm sanctuary with locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, often shares videos of life on their farms. But a recent video was made to prove a point. “People ask us all the time if our rescued animals know their names. You tell us,” the caption of the video reads. The video then shows several of their animals responding to their name being called. Their reactions have people so touched.

Aww. Could this possibly be any sweeter? Over 2 million people have watched the footage, and some people had feelings about what they saw. “Rosey was a whole mood. I don't know what chickens do for snacks but give her one from me. She needs it. I can tell,” wrote @raxi_redd. “OMG Daisy. All of them honestly, this was wonderful haha thank you,” @thistownneedsanenema added. “I was afraid none of them would respond like I do when someone calls MY name. Then came Henry,” @kimrhodes4real joked.

One commenter, @Koppaja was also smitten, but had a burning question that she couldn’t wait to ask. “This is so cute and amazing! How did you teach them?” she wondered. The farm explained that, “When we care for our animals, we talk to them like they’re people and explain everything we’re doing, so they hear their names a lot.”

It all makes perfect sense to us. Plus, who wouldn't want to learn their name right-quick when it's pretty much guaranteed that the person calling them is bringing food.