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Video of Rescued Farm Animals Reacting to Their Names Is Honestly As Good As It Gets

Name recall is an important skill for dogs (and even cats!), but have you ever heard of farm animals responding to their names? It's totally possible--and it's absolutely precious!

For the folks at @edgarsmission, who care for 440 rescued animal residents, every animal has a name and a story. That includes sheep, dogs, cats, and even pigs! Their TikTok followers got to meet a few of these furry friends in a recent popular video, and, if you think it can't get cuter--think again! Each of these sweet animals responds to their name in the video, and it still has us smiling. 

What gorgeous, happy critters! We are positively living for heartwarming rescue stories like this. Thank you, Edgar's Mission, for making this happen for so many animals! Just like @jiujiutc said in the comment section, "Makes me so happy to see these animals with so much space to run free and be safe. Thank you ❤️." 

Let's be honest, though--the animals are the real stars of the show! One diva stood out from the pack for her energy and backstory, and Commenters like @emmycoppen knew exactly who we're talking about. "Miss Taken," she wrote. What a star!"

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@Drvaliance agrees: "Miss Taken is the BEST name for a sheep taken by an eagle. I will never get over this." Right? Don't get us wrong, the poor baby had a terrifying beginning to her life, but we love that Edgar's Mission is helping her turn it into a happy story!

And then there's "Harry walking with all the ✨styles✨," like @greenbeenzz noticed. It was a full-on strut! Clearly, the care these animals get at Edgar's Mission allows them to be their most authentic selves, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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