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Video of Mom Rounding Up All Her Farm Animals Before a Storm Is Way Too Cute

Summer storms can roll through within minutes, bringing along crazy winds, torrential downpour and sometimes even lightening. So once you see the clouds forming, you know the drill. Pack up your things, grab the kids and rush inside. You don't want to get stuck out there because those summer storms can turn ugly pretty quickly. And for one eastern Missouri farmer, the routine of rounding up the family indoors is all too familiar. 

TikToker @mommyfarmer recently posted a video of what it's like getting all the farm animals inside as a storm approaches. She's rushing around the farm, gathering up all the goats, pigs and chickens in a timely manner. Except not all the animals are good listeners. LOL! The adorable, and chaotic, clip already has over 1.5 million views within the first day. You'll understand why after you watch it!

O.M.G. How funny and cute is this?! First of all, it's amazing how she wants to keep all the farm animals safe. So sweet! And then secondly, it's unreal how quickly she managed to do it! This definitely isn't her first rodeo. LOL! 

"'Don't get distracted.' 🐐🐐 Goats are always distracted 😂," said @purelychickens. LOL! At least they eventually listened! @dt.hasbin added, "It's giving the fire drill scene from the office 😂." Omg it totally does! Just pure chaos as the storm comes closer. But this TikToker handled it perfectly! She must be used to those midwestern storms!

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And we have to mention the pigs because to us, that was the funniest part! The pigs still wanted to eat dinner. HA! Don't they know a storm is coming?! As @brittlatkins wrote, "I don’t care if there is a storm coming… I’m eating as well!" Honestly, same! 

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