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Farm Goat's Unique Little Groans Have People Totally Obsessed

When one thinks about pets that make noise, dogs are usually the first to come to mind. Huskies, specifically, are known for their extensive vocal talent, but any species could give them a run for their money if they really tried. Enter: goats

These spunky little creatures can be both nosy and noisy, so it's not that surprising to hear about a funny-sounding goat. Or so we thought...We ended up listening to this clip from @auroraslittlebittyfarm on repeat--it was just that good! 

Cashew is something else. First of all, he's totally gorgeous with those spots and horns; but that sound? We had to make sure those were really his groans!

"Sounds like an old man losing his balance 😂," @val808x commented on the video. LMAO! That's the very first thing we thought of, too: an old man falling comedically slowly, like in an infomercial. We can practically imagine it! 

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Viewer @jaderade777 imagined another TV ad when she saw this hilarious clip. "Reminds me of that commercial with the fishing pole and a dollar bill. opp you almost had it. gotta be quicker than that 😂." OMG! We forgot that commercial even existed. What a throwback--and how accurate!

And then there's @quotetheraven23, who admitted, "I was grumbling around the house looking for my sunglasses and I literally made this same sound." We can't hide it, we've done the very same thing! That struggle is relatable AF, though we can speak for Cashew. 

We'll leave you with one hilariously thought-provoking comment from @alejandra_meg40: "Imagine walking in the dark by there and hearing that 😂." LOL! It seems funny now, but if we actually think about it? Kinda freaky!

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