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Farmer's Video of 3 Brand New Tiny Fawns Has People Talking

Video of three newborn fawns is without a doubt the sweetest thing you'll see on the internet today. You almost never see fawns quite as young as these three guys. And the noises these little guys made are too cute! 

The three babies were discovered by TikTok creator and farmer @mthayfarmer, who must of been glowing when he made the find. "Have you ever heard what new fawn sounds like??" the video's caption reads. "Hello guys!" he can be heard saying from behind the camera. And while they didn't exactly hi back, they sort acknowledged his presence with their tiny sounds. Side note: these have to be the smallest fawns we've ever seen. 

With over 1 million views, people were swooning over these babies. "Triplets how amazing!!!!!! And so beautiful!!!!!" @catherinemazzoni wrote. "Triplets are pretty rare...That's really cool to see. Guaranteed momma is close by..." @bigrivercats added. "So tiny, crying for mama," @p36mr chimed in. 

While other people were confused by how tiny these fawns were. "Not me thinking that was a bbq tire and these were the tiniest deer to ever deer," @tonikaybarker commented. "The scale of this was so confusing. I thought that was grass and some kind of yard equipment meaning those are like mice sized deer," @pinkypenguins joked. "Haha! I thought those were one inch tall deer in the grass, under a barbecue," @mawrmcmahan added.

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Although seemed to have the answer: "That equipment is irrigation for large crops with tires 24-38" in diameter and triplets are usually 4-6 lbs. at birth. The crop looks about 15-20" tall," they explained. 

So not super tiny deer, but super BIG tires.

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