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Video of Farmer Rescuing Abandoned Baby Lamb Is Giving Us All the Feels

The Internet is obsessing over what some people are calling the Robert Irwin of the UK. Meet Farmer Will, as he goes by. He is a 6th generation farmer who looks after over 1,400 breeding sheep and thousands of lambs. Farmer Will has about 845.9K followers on his TikTok account, @farmerwill_. His adorable videos include sharing information about the animals' health, raising awareness on farming, and showing a fun side by dancing with his flock. 

Recently, Farmer Will posted a video about finding and rescuing a little baby stray lamb that's melting our hearts! He shows that the lamb is not even strong enough to stand on her legs. He then brings the lamb back to the farm to bottle feed her. This is the lamb's "Road to recovery🤒," Farmer Will said, and we're ready to see it all! 

OMG, how precious! You can just see how Farmer Will breathed new life into this little lamb and the happiness in her eyes after drinking the bottle. "The little lamb def smiled after that milk, and I won’t have anyone telling me otherwise," commented @Crystal Wright. Actually, she was dribbling! And then all the pets she was getting from Farmer Will. AWW! She was in heaven. 

@Maddie said, "That's your baby now." And Farmer Will replied, "It isssss my baby." Now, let's get a name! He asked for name suggestions, and one he liked so far is Buddy. We're hoping for updates soon because well, as @Archer Williams said, "That’s OUR baby now 👼🏼." @John Sharp added, "It’s been 37 minutes. I need another update already please 😅."

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Hmm. Is it all the lambs that bring in the followers, or is it Farmer Will himself? From the comments, looks like many people are shooting their shot to land Farmer Will! "Marry me... bring the lambs," wrote @Jude Amicia and @K A Y L E I G H • STEPHENSON added, "How do I adopt you both? 😂." How many messages do you think he has in his DMs?! HA! We're sticking around either way! 

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