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Dog Boldly Rocks a 'Feather-Encrusted' Sweater in Video We Can't Resist

There's fashion, and then there's this pup and his fancy new sweater. It's a pale blue, 'feather-encrusted' number that looks just as cute as it does cozy. We have a feeling it's not what this German Shorthaired Pointer would've picked out for himself, but he's totally rocking it anyways. 

Since his mom posted the video to his TikTok account, @odafin.t.schultz, this pup's followers have been going wild for his sweater. The only thing that's even cuter than the feathers is the dog's reaction, of course! 

Just look at this lil' fashion icon! Even if he isn't a huge fan of the sweater itself, we think he looks quite cozy...and cute, of course! Commenter @jenniferlees001 said, "I cannot express how much I love it," and we agree with our entire hearts. Still, it's funny to see this GSP's reaction to his muppet-like sweater.

"I feel like he’s a little embarrassed," wrote @tzap249, "but trying not to show it because he doesn’t wanna hurt your feelings." What a good boy he is! In his mama's words, "He’s an incredibly thoughtful and altruistic boy." You don't have to convince us!

This whole scene is even funnier once we learned that no one was expecting a feathered sweater. This pup's mom replied to @user167119430, "Lol he is rocking it. I was NOT expecting it to have real feathers. I thought it was just a warm winter sweater." What a surprise this must've been! At least it made for the best TikTok video, right?

Viewer @lizzy_jane_031620 joked, "Only a teenie, tiny bit of dignity has been disrupted in the filming of this video." Just a little! Luckily, this pup is cute and silly enough to go viral again very soon, so this whole 'feather-encrusted' sweater debacle will be behind him soon enough.

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