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Father and Daughter's Fence Renovation for the Dogs Is Pawsitively Adorable

For those who aren't so handy with power tools, the assistance of the almighty Dad can be a blessing. Dog mom and TikTok user @ms.dianalou knows this firsthand after her dad helped her turn her fence into the best lookout for her rescue pups. Needless to say, her followers are obsessed (and so are we)!

It seems like a simple enough project when compiled into just a few video clips, but this duo really went above and beyond when you think about it. Just wait until you see the seasonal decorations!

Aren't you just in love with this idea? We're surprised more people aren't cutting holes in their own fences, especially after seeing this. We know our nosy dogs would love it!

"Now this right here is awesome!!!" wrote commenter @stacyyy740. "How darn cute 🥰." You said it! We're sure Diana's neighbors love seeing their four-legged neighbors surrounded by such cute seasonal decor. She replied to @awitorres: "my neighbors bring them treats everyday since the boys look at their driveway. lol." What amazing neighbors they are! 

"I wasn't expecting the seasonal cutouts," agreed @orangecrush33. It's definitely the first time we've seen something like that! We can't wait to see the cutouts she makes for future holidays, because this fence installation is a gift that keeps on giving. She owes her dad a big thank you!

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