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Moment Rescued Feral Cat Finally Trusts Humans and Asks for Love Is So Heartwarming

Rescuing a kitty is no small task, whatever their past may have been like. From the very first moment they enter your life, you'll be helping them learn to trust again. There are so many factors you'll be facing in order to keep your new cat feeling safe, but with some time and love, everyone will adjust beautifully. 

The TikTok user and cat mama who runs @kittyboyandfriends is in the middle of this process herself, and she's documented some of the biggest milestones on her account for us all to see. This particular video includes the very first time Potato asks for pets from his new mom, and it's just as precious as you're imagining.

Potato may be a 'feral and aggressive' rescue who was an hour away from euthanasia, but he and his new mom are making so much progress together. It's honestly inspiring! 

Don't mind us, just sobbing over here--it's just such a sweet, heartwarming story! Potato just needed someone to give him the time to get comfy and be himself. And now that's exactly what he has! 

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"He wasn't too feral after all..." commented @pitufoantifa. "He was just a boy asking for love." Exactly! There's no way an animal wouldn't be frightened in a crowded shelter or with total strangers.

Commenter @peggasaurusrexx agrees! She said, "Most 'aggressive' cats are just scared or sick or hurting. Thank you for saving this adorable little gentleman." When we think about it, spome people mask their emotions in the very same way. How many angry moods are just sadness, fear, or pain in disguise?

Luckily, compassionate folks like this cat mama are looking out for babies like Potato. "My spicy boy finally asked me for a chin scritch last night," @blushcalleddawn wrote in the comments. "Almost a year and he finally came to me. I cried so hard. I'm so proud of him."

That is positively precious! When we hear about moments like that, it's easy to see why fostering and rescuing pets is oh-so-rewarding.

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