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Woman's Determined Attempt to Socialize Her Dad's Feral Cats After His Passing Is Worthy of Celebrating

We are so impressed by the lengths that one woman went to to make sure her late-father's pets were safe. And we know you will be too. TikTok creator Katie R. (@daveyandpoppysplace) decided to take in the feral cats that her father kept in his barn — and you need to see the journey they took when learning to trust their new mom.

The process took a year, but we're sure it was so worth it. According to the video from Katie her father passed away last fall, so she took it upon herself to socialize the little guys.

"My dad didn't think anyone would be able to touch them," she explained in the caption. The clip shows Katie slowly getting the kitties to eat out of her hand. Before she knew it they allowed her to pet them. And by March they finally went inside her house. 

"Meet Bebe and Boo. After a year long journey, they’ve learned how to love and be loved. Every snuggle with them reminds me of my father," she wrote. 

The video has since been watched over 1 million times. "Can’t get over how bonded they are, the way they glance at each other in the second clip. I bet having each other helped them trust a little faster," @flylikethebirds wrote. "Them laying in the bed together… STOP IT MY HEART," @jaymeerhodes added. "This is what I love. Cats are literally my best friends," @abovetheinfluence96 chimed in. 

Sounds like a happy ending to us.

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