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Woman's Sweet Story of Rescuing a Feral Kitten Gives Us All the Feels

Animal lovers can't help but spring into action when they see an animal in trouble. This is a noble trait to have, and one that we have exhibited many times before. One woman did the same when she found a feral animal in need of help, and the outcome is amazing.

TikTok user @dagmeep recently shared a video of the feral orange kitten she found stuck in a tree while she was on a walk in the park. In the video, this user rescues the kitten and brings him home with her. Check out the video to see what happened after the rescue!

OMG, that kitten is absolutely precious. We are so glad this amazing woman found him and is giving him a life of love and happiness with her and her dog!

People in the comments praised this woman for her good deed. @buster_and_brothers said, "Bless your heart for saving that baby. This video is approved by my cat, Buster!" Another user, @rmludwig, commented, "Bless you for loving and caring for this handsome boy!" This woman is certainly worthy of the praise!

Others claimed the woman's previous cat that passed away recently sent this kitten to her. @ktandtaco commented, "Your other baby sent him to you," and @mrs_plague said, "The ones that leave always send the one we need to help heal. I consider mine a gift from my best girl that passed." Our pets are always looking out for us, even after they pass!

We couldn't ask for a better outcome to this rescue story. We are so glad this kitten was saved and is able to offer his new mom some comfort as she mourns the cat she lost!

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