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Ferret's Reaction to His First Puppuccino Has People Laughing Out Loud

A new season has arrived for coffee lovers and we can only imagine what the lines look like now. Everyone's scrambling to get their pumpkin-spiced latte kick before it's too late. We suspect there are customers that come out just for the fall flavors. But one thing remains constant through all the coffee seasons - puppuchinos. And as these sweet treats continue to gain popularity, drive-thru workers are seeing more than just cats and dogs these days.

TikTok user @charleighhagedorn brought along a pet to the Starbucks drive-thru, as many of us have done before. But this pet isn't one you typically see every day; it sure isn't one you see getting a puppuchino either. The driver asked for a smaller puppuchino because well, it was for a ferret. A much smaller animal than you typically see getting cups of whipped cream. LOL! Just wait until you see both the employee and the ferret's reaction. It's perfection! 

O.M.G. First of all, how often do you see a ferret in general? And now a ferret going to the Starbucks drive-through?! That's unheard of! But we're so glad this TikToker filmed this experience because just like this employee, we fell in love. LOL! A win-win for everyone involved! "As someone who works in the drive-through, seeing pets is the highlight of any day," wrote @ceet_mlown. This would be a highlight of anyone's day! 

"Barista before knowing it’s a ferret: 'Eh it’s probably a demon dog...' Barista after knowing it’s a ferret: 'I will anything for him!!!'” said @dragonofkillin. HA! Maybe she was a little hesitant because normally pets want all the whipped cream they can get and the request threw her off. But once they said it was for a ferret she understood the assignment. 

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Another TikTok user, @zusatzliche said, "What a well-behaved baby." Right?! The ferret stayed calm, cool and collected throughout the whole thing. Meanwhile, our dogs can't stop crying when we get to the drive-thru window. LOL! Because the ferret was a perfect angel, it's only right to rename the puppuchino. We like @BolderRoller420's comment, "I'm pretty sure that's called a Farrchino." YES! We'll take two farrchinos please! 

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