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Video of Firefighters Rescuing Dogs From California Wildfire Is Difficult to Watch

For those who don't live in the Western United States (or other dry climates), it's not always clear just how devastating wildfires can be. Luckily, loss of life is much less common thanks to the efforts of firefighters and other caretakers of the earth. Not only do they push to extinguish the fire itself, but they also provide medical care and aid with evacuations, no matter who needs their help. 

ABC News shared a heartbreaking yet touching clip on their TikTok account that proves exactly this. In the video, a team of firefighters work to rescue two large dogs who hadn't been able to evacuate with their owner. Many find it difficult to watch, but knowing that the pooches are safe has brought comfort, too.  

Thank you, brave firefighters! We can only imagine the relief on this owner's face when she sees her fur babies safe and sound. We'd be lying if we said the firefighters didn't look relieved, too!

In the comments, @fhadkhf mentioned how "they refuse to leave their homes" as well as how "dogs are so loyal🐶🇺🇸❤️." It's so sweet--and so difficult! Rescuing the pups is absolutely necessary (and insanely appreciated), but it does mean literally taking them away from their home after they've already fought for their lives there. It can't be an easy moment for anyone. 

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"Aww those sweet fur babies," commented @laurilu_irishgirl. "Thank you to the amazing fire fighters protecting all human and animal lives. May each one of you be protected as well." Amen to that! We love how @justinwalsh2 worded it, also: "Firefighters are some of the best us!"

For all the kinds of emergency work they do, firefighters definitely deserve more credit. Commenters agree! "Wildfire firefighters are amazing," said @mkmelaugh69 wrote. "Always in the middle of the worst but sadly under appreciated and severely underpaid." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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