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Video of Two 'In Love' Fish Swimming in a Canal in Venice Has People Obsessed

Just when we thought the city of Venice couldn't possibly get any more romantic, we came across a love story that's bound to be one for the ages. Forget Romeo and Juliet. Or Jack and Rose from Titanic. Or J. Lo and Ben. After seeing a pair of two hopelessly-in-love fish swimming through a Venice canal, all those romances can be put to shame. (Ok so that's exaggerating. But just go with it.)

A video of the two lovebirds, er, fish-birds, was shared on TikTok by @jessicakward, and let's just say that people who watched it are totally obsessed with the duo. This isn't a drill. There are two fish who are clearly swimming completely in sync, as if they're enjoying a day date together. It's pretty darn adorable. Check it out!

Ok, so who else thinks Disney needs to get on this idea stat as far as making a hit movie goes? It would be so over-the-top cute! Not surprisingly, people couldn't wait to weigh in with their thoughts on these sea-crossed lovers. @Wendriizzle said, "Even the fish are romantic there 😂 I need to go ASAP." HA! Seriously. Another TikTok user, @Jessa, had a suggestion for the hypothetical movie title, suggesting, "The movie will be called, "There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea." And other people who watched the clip admit that seeing the fish happily swimming along actually made them emotional. 

But few commenters are actually envious of this sweet love story. TikTok user @Jared Johnson noted, "Fish got a better love story than me smh." And @BathRobeGorl added, "WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN?" Other people were a bit concerned about the poor fish swimming in front of these two. @Twilight chimed in with, "Homie in the front was third wheeling 😔." Aww. 

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The moral of the story here is, if you're ever in Venice, pay attention to your surroundings. You just might wind up privy to a love story you never saw coming.

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