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Flamingo's 'Happy Water Bowl Dance' Will Brighten Anyone's Day

You've likely heard of, or even seen, a dog doing a little 'happy dance' around their food or water bowl, but what about a flamingo? Yep, Scarlett the flamingo was spotted at the @KeyWestButterflyAndNatureConservatoryZoo performing her signature 'happy water bowl dance,' and Facebook can't get enough. We can see why!

The happy flamingo's energy is infectious, even through a screen, but her feathered friend's opposite behavior had us LOL-ing, too. Animals' personalities are simply the best!

LMAO! If Scarlett was a person, we'd think she was drinking coffee instead of water. It's just a lot of energy! Maybe the movie Happy Feet should've been about this rhythmic chica. 

"Good Morning Scarlett," Marla Miller commented on the video. "Dance On." We suppose she's got some serious Friday vibes going on! Her buddy Rhett doesn't seem quite as jazzed up, yet, though. Whatever floats your boat, we suppose! Besides, even Rhett is entertaining some of the viewers.

"Thank you so much!!!" Betty Davis wrote. "Never saw a flamingo sit down before.... and we all love the water bowl dance." See? Even silly bird videos can be educational! You thought you only signed up for one happy flamingo, but we all got a little extra from Rhett. He's having his own moment and we are here for it. 

Want to hear another piece of great news? You can visit these gorgeous animals if you're nearby! Commenter Kathy Reed said, "So cute, been there such an awesome place to visit." We're totally jealous! Anyone who gets a chance to see these beautiful flamingos are very lucky indeed. They're not a breed that works well as an exotic pet, but visiting them in sanctuaries or in the wild can be just as rewarding.

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