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Flight Crew's Reaction to Great Pyrenees Boarding Their Plane Is Simply the Best

Those who work on a flight crew aren't as enchanted by the novelty of flying on a plane, but even they aren't immune to the magic of a dog. As we saw in the cutest TikTok video, one crew was especially lucky to meet @ritchiethepyr, one floofy service dog with a lot of love to give. He may have had to squeeze his way through the plane's narrow aisles, but he certainly got plenty of attention to make up for it. 

IDK about you, but we'd love seeing this helpful boi on our next plane ride!

What a charmer! From the pilots to their fellow passengers, Ritchie had everyone smiling as he boarded the plane. As any traveler knows, boarding is arguably the most stressful part, so this boy helped more people than he realized. Still, it would've helped to give that floofy booty some more room!

"Dog needed his own plane!🥰," agreed @georgiajuels1. By the looks of the pilots' and crew's faces, though, we think they'd be more than happy to oblige. If someone can cover the cost, of course!

"Ok so just know I'm gonna doe inside trying to resist asking to pet that dog!!!" wrote viewer @iamsamiam9580. "Ahh floofy!" OMG, we totally know what you're talking about. It can be so hard to resist service dogs when we see them out and about, but we're keeping everyone safe by letting them stay focused on their job. Everyone in this video definitely had permission to say hello! 

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