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Florida Keys SPCA Is Asking for Help in Naming Tiny Kitten Who Came in During Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian has been ripping through the state of Florida, flooding streets, cutting out power and unfortunately leaving stray animals unsafe. The shelters are working their hardest to ensure animals are brought in and looked after. They really do put the animals first.  

TikTok user @floridakeysspca.official recently took in a little kitten during the hurricane. So sweet! But now, the Key West-based SPCA is seeking the internet's help with naming this fur baby. Check out the clip and see what option is your favorite! 

Aww, what a precious fur baby! We're so happy the SPCA was able to save her and take her in. Now, more than ever, do animal shelters need resources to protect all these animals. 

We're so happy the SPCA is asking for help to name the kitty. Who wouldn't want to chime in and give this cutie a name?! @mindfulnegligence suggested a name that is our favorite. The comment reads, "Pip! But also...why not Stormy? 🤔." Oh yes! That's a perfect name for an animal being brought in during Hurricane Ian. But wait, we love this suggestion from @andrearrussell7 too. She said, "Nai (means Grace, but also Ian backwards) 🙂." Wow, so beautiful! We can't wait to see what they decide!

@seaweed.inmy.ass wrote, "Thank you for rescuing them ❤️. I can't stop thinking about all the poor wildlife 😰 stay safe!!!" Our thoughts exactly! We sure hope everyone and every animal stays safe.


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