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Florida Parrot Rescue Completely Flooded by 'Hurricane Ian' Is in Dire Need of Help

Hurricane Ian has been tragic for the state of Florida, but it's not just people who need help in its aftermath. Countless animals have been displaced as well. Luckily, there are incredible heroes and animal rescues out there who are making sure these furry and feathered friends find their way to safety.

Parrot mom and TikTok user @kaelasalber recently shared a video from inside Seminole County Parrot Rescue, and it's hard to believe our eyes. Though the birds were all taken to higher ground, the storm's damage left almost nothing untouched, leaving the shelter in desperate need of assistance. 

Isn't that wild? The rescue was entirely flooded--we're just glad the parrots were all evacuated as quickly as possible! Of course, the shelter will still be in need of funds and donations to replace everything that was damaged--potentially including a new barn for the birds. As Kaela mentioned in the video description, "A fundraiser has been set up on the Seminole County Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook page." 

Of course, everyone is so relieved that the birds are safe and sound. "These poor little babies! Glad you guys saved them🥰," said @seaynikita16. We're sure the parrots are ever-so-grateful, too. With the birds in loving foster homes like Kaela's, the sanctuary can work on rebuilding. 

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