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Video of Florida Shelter Staff Staying Behind to Care for Animals During the Hurricane Warms Our Hearts

As if animal shelter workers (and volunteers) aren't heroes enough, some of them are staying behind to tend to the critters while Hurricane Ian bears down on Florida. From weather-proofing the facilities to providing routine medical care, these incredible folks are doing it all. Luckily, they're getting the recognition they deserve.

Photographer and shelter staff member @aharrisphoto was the first to share the news on TikTok, though Orange Country Animal Services of Orlando, FL, is the shelter where the animals are riding out the storm. Needless to say, support for the dedicated rescue team is pouring in. 

Let's give these heroes a round of applause! They are such kindhearted people to go above and beyond for these animals, who we know are eternally grateful. We certainly wouldn't want to be alone during a huge storm!

Commenter @gabriellaaleman51 wrote, "thank you for not leaving them behind," but that just begins to scratch the surface of our appreciation. We're not sure if there are even words to express this kind of gratitude!

"OMG YES!" agreed @shaymarie. "PROTECT at all cost 🙏 thank you!!🔥." We have no doubt that this team is ready to do whatever is needed for these animals, and we're so glad that @makaelamichelle asked what we all can do to help.

"Anything we can do to help? Donate? Anything," she suggested, "I’m all the way in Seattle but I’d love to help anyway I can!" 

"As for now," Albert replied, "if you can spread the word about one of our longest residents Bayleaf it will help him out!" He's seriously one handsome pup, so you should check out Orange County Animal Services to see if he's the best boy for your home.

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